Our Goal 

The Hack Global Goals (HGG) Platform aims to contribute to the Sustainable Global Goals by facilitating technological innovation both locally and internationally. On the one hand, the HGG Platform brings together professionals, inhabitants, expats, companies, foundations and neighbourhoods to work on local (social) challenges. On the other hand, the HGG Platform aims to facilitate Eindhoven’s large expat community to transfer technological innovation back to their country of origin. Here the integration of knowledge between expats and the local community is used to achieve the global goals both locally and internationally. 


Our Focus

The Hack Global Goals has chosen the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations Development Program as a framework to bring about change. De SDGs als focus on a wide range of socio-techno-economic issues such as poverty, hunger, health, education, global warming, gender equality, water, sanitation, energy, urbanization, environment and social justice. 

Our aim is to collaborate with organisations, who set challenges based on these goals for our network of people to work on. We ask our partners to provide the opportunity to people/teams to pitch their ideas and  provide resources (location, funds etc.) to pave the way to social entrepreneurship and the very best of the ideas. 


Our Vision

We are believers, motivators and match-makers. We believe that each person possesses a unique potential in the grand scheme of things and that each individual can show their talents in role right for them. We also believe we are going to need to bring all of those talents together to make dent in the challenges that face today’s world. 

Connecting people is what makes us passionate about Sustainable Development. Our team itself comprises of people from varied backgrounds who share the same vision of using technological innovation as a way to accelerate the SDGs.  Let us do the same for you! Come work with us and ask us for the help and connections you need to bring your ideas to life. 



Yama, an Afghan and Dutch professional, has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Master in Strategic Management. He has been working in development assistance in countries like Afghanistan, Kosovo and DR Congo. His passion lies in entrepreneurship and its importance and relevance for sustainable development. Due to his broad background and interests he has not only developed strong analytical skills but also social and communication skills. He enjoys being in a fast-paced environment and solve complex problems together. He is aware of various roles in organizations and tries to practice principles of servant leadership. His interests are in diaspora mobilization for sustainable development and loves to get involved in initiatives surrounding technology for development & social entrepreneurship

Niranjana, an Indian and working in the Netherlands since 2017 has completed her Masters in Electrical Engineering. She has worked on building a start-up for providing solar-powered lighting solutions for development of local businesses. Her experience and knowledge throw light on impact of technology on socio-economic status of the region. She currently works as an Electrical Engineer for a firm manufacturing electric vehicles. She has a passion for working in inter-disciplinary problems and product development. Her knowledge in engineering and passion for sustainable development drive her to work for organisations that focus on technology, while contributing to make the world a better place. 

Arjan, Dutch, a student of TU/E is pursuing his double masters in Innovation Management and Innovation Sciences. His interests lie in driving innovation to make technology and social sciences come together. Personally, he trains for taekwondo, judo and aikido. He has a store of amazing Cookie jokes.