Challenge 1 Diversity and Inclusivity

How can we leverage technology to bring people together ?

     The world is a global village, we’re all somehow cousin but still compassion and support for one another seems to have taken a dive. Now, how can we leverage our differences to create more creativity in the workspace and hopefully more understanding between each other ? 

     This challenge is all about finding strategic and technological solutions that could bring people closer together and break down barriers of any sort. The aim is to boost productivity by bringing people together and creating a good work environment.

Challenge 2 – Sports and Technology

How can we combine sports and technology to bring mental and physical resilience further ?

     It is a fact: people want to have a healthier lifestyle but don’t have a lot of time for such activities. So, why don’t we leverage that to engage people with sports while at the same time reducing mental problems like depression and burn-out ? Technology allows us to track progress and reach a lot of people very easily, and people trust them. 

     In this part, I’ll give you some tips. First, you should look at gamification : this is the best way to make sports engaging and fun and remove the ‘chore’ aspect of it. Second, if you’re looking for a market, you should look at companies : it costs a lot of money to lose someone both in terms of productivity and money because of depression or burn-out. So, focusing on this market is very relevant. 

     This challenge is about finding inexpensive methods to motivate employees and people in general to include their physical well-being as an important part of their routine. This is a minor step to a great impact. Through health and nutrition, we can educate and spread awareness on sustainable lifestyle choices.

Challenge 3 – Bridging the Digital Skill Gap

How can we train people to cross the digital skills gap ?

     It is a well-known fact that education systems around the world aren’t built with the same standards and this leads to inequalities in education. The effects are important on the current generation but also on the next one, unless we take action.

     Digitization and affordability have to be at the core of your reflexion. There is an opportunity for under-developed regions of the world to catch up with the more developed regions, especially in this age of digital startup. To make humanity progress in unity, it is an important factor to consider developing skills and enable people to make better life choices.

     This challenge is about efficiently matching firms and skilled people in search of jobs in a specific area, to simplify correct this market. It is also about giving access to people with almost no network, training them inside the company and employing them afterwards. It solves a multitude of problems based on unemployment, socio-economic growth and not the least, bridges the skill gap of people from various parts of the world.