first Edition of our hackathon for a better world

We’ve started our journey

     There is an urgent need for actions if we want to reach successfully the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. We need multi-organizational and multi-generational efforts on the same goals, on a global and local scale. The image below shows our processes.

Hackathon as a starting point of a journey

     We saw an opportunity to organize hackathons to serve these needs, leveraging the potential of makers, tinkerers, hackers, creatives. Beyond that, we aim to create and nurture a community around the cases out of the hackathons and guide idea-holders towards implementation.

     Here some footages of the first edition of the hackathon, check it out: 


Winners 1st Edition Hack Global Goals

     We had to choose a winner between all the great ideas that were presented to us. Within Hack Global Goal Platform, we aim to foster startups which are tech and scalable enough to make an impact worldwide.

     We’ve chosen this year “BearHug”, a startup focusing on cleaning water even in remote places with bacteria. 

Expats challenge

     One of the challenges was to handle the influx of expats to Eindhoven, help them feel home and be part of the social fabric of this city.

     This triggered many interesting discussions on the local government, the corporations and also the civil society and non-profit associations to help our expats integrate and participate in the civic life of this city.

The Color Kitchen challenge

     The challenge of the Color kitchen was about finding innovative ways to leverage technology to help students who are far from the labor market. This implies better coaching and easy integration to the labor market.

High Tech campus sustainability Challenge

     The High Tech Campus of Eindhoven aim to become the most sustainable research Campus in Europe by 2025. The questions were: what energy sources can we use to be more sustainable ? How can we engage the employees on this ?

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