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Hack Global Goals Platform
There is a need for urgent actions if we want to reach successfully the 17 global goals for 2030, set by the UN in 2015. We need clear action at global and local levels where multi-organizational and multi-generation coalitions work for the same purpose.

In the Eindhoven region, a coalition of companies, start-ups and civil society has created the Hack Global Goals Platform. An organizationthat is committed to making a contribution to these Goals by leveraging on the city’s most successful resources: the development of top-technology and the expertise and passion of its international people (the millennials). Talented people of Eindhoven have brilliant ideas about how to use technology as an enabler for innovative solutions.

We see an opportunity to organize a Hackathon (Make Tech Social) to serve these needs, leveraging on the potential of the makers, tinkerers, hackers, creatives! Beyond that, we aim to nurture a community around the cases out of the hackathon and guide challenge holders towards implementation.

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About Hack Global Goals Platform 

Hack Global Goals Platform is a non-profit organization with the mission to enable and empower tech-savvy millennials who are at the beginning of their entrepreneurship journey with matchmaking, resource- and consultancy services. The Global goals are a perfect framework for wicked goals to be tackled. We are a group and committed partners willing to contribute to this world.

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